The history of jiffpharma Company dates back to 2013.. In 2015, its new ownership changed the company’s name to jiffpharma ltd canada

From that time jiffpharma has grown considerably, it also becomes the premier company specializing in ethical products in the fields of Sexual hormones.

jiffpharma’s Quality Control Laboratory is one of the first to be recognized as a Reference Laboratory by the canada MOH .

The high quality of the products has allowed jiffpharma to Export its products in many countries. The pursuit of excellence in research, products development, quality control and assurance has been the hallmarks of management team at jiffpharma enabling it to serve the community and nation. jiffpharma is entering a new age for its development hoping to enhance the production capacity revitalizing its R&D dept., educating its personnel and enlarging the list of its new products to strive in the increasingly global market place of goods and ideas.

the first two years, the number of products tripled; today there are over forty developed satisfying amateur and professional clients alike. Our products have found their way to devoted fans in every corner of the globe. We always follow the latest trends in the world of bodybuilding, from the United States to Russia, England or as far as the Republic of South Africa!

Our company’s staff of professionals dedicated to moving this business forward! Every year we attend dozens of international exhibitions in order to implement the newest technologies into our manufacturing process. With a purchase of any product from our line, you are guaranteed the most technologically developed product on the market